Finding simple solutions to complex industry problems is one of our favourite things to do.  The combination of engineering smarts, common sense and Kiwi ingenuity can be a genuine game changer.  The solution may already exist, or we start from scratch.  Just some of our creations are listed below.

Seismic Rated Stillage Racking Systems – a static or portable solution to protect your prized company assets. Be it wine, apples or something else altogether these flexible, robust storage systems are custom built to suit.  Forklift friendly, easy to set up, simple to dismantle and store this is a common sense way to protect what matters to you.

Snail Deck – a practical means to provide environmental restoration when significant portions of land need to be shifted and returned intact to original GPS coordinates.

Ripper Excavator Tool – a user friendly addition to break through hard rock faces.

“At the end of the day, what matters most to me is the quality of the product I get from the company.  The Kernohan team has a clear commitment to ensuring they deliver a quality product.”

– Ian Hunter, Marisco Vineyards

We’d love to share our enthusiasm for great engineering with you.