Exceptional Engineering Requires Exceptional People

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Aspiring to be exceptional engineers is all about the people on our team

Find out more about what makes us tick – and how you can join us

Our permanent workforce of 50+ is at the heart of all we do, turning their hands to diverse customer needs on a 24/7 basis. They are joined by trusted contractors during peak workloads, and for sizeable projects.

Given the breadth of our services and products we have a diverse range of skills and experience on tap. CAD staff, professional fitters, turners, fabricators, machinists, welders, project managers, estimators and designers are just some of our critical team members.

Our qualified tradesmen are complemented by several apprentices – a mix of school leavers and adults who have chosen to make mechanical engineering their career of choice. We’ve trained well in excess of 35 apprentices over the years and we’re committed to continually building skills in our industry.

We know that our success depends on the calibre and care shown by our people on each and every job.

“I love metalworking – forming, bending, shaping and learning how to get better at it.”

When we asked our team what they liked best about working at Kernohan there were three standouts – being around positive people, working in a supportive environment and enjoying the diversity of what we do.

We try our hardest to find skilled people who care about the same things we do – quality, safety and pride in their work. And when we find those people we reward them as well as we can, and ask what they’d like to achieve during their time with us. Some want to do a good day’s work but have reached a point in their career where that’s enough. Others have a fire in their belly to learn and work their way around and up through the business. In all cases we try to find that happy place.

From Brazil to Scotland and everywhere in between our team members are truly global which makes for some interesting stories at morning tea. Add our 250+ collective years at Kernohan and we’ve got some deep expertise under our belts.

Keen to join us? Check out our current vacancies here.

“I love coming to work with all the different people and the banter – there isn’t a management and staff feel.”

Kernohan team members at work

Current vacancies:

  • Maintenance/Reliability Team Leader
  • Pipe Welding & Projects Team Leader
  • Pipe Welder & Fabricator

All our vacancies are advertised on both SEEK NZ and TradeMe Jobs using our applicant tracking system QJumpers. Please login to either site, search for “Kernohan” and apply online.

Other opportunities:

We’re always on the lookout for talented people who care about a job well done as much as we do.

And we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Be it full time, part time, fixed term, casual or working as an independent contractor there’s room for everyone here.

So if there is no suitable vacancy listed, but you like what you see then drop us a line to tell us about yourself and what you’re looking for. A warm welcome and confidentiality are guaranteed.

“I like the atmosphere, the people and the management team.”

We’d love to share our enthusiasm for exceptional engineering with you   

“The spirit and professional attitude of the team was extraordinary and complemented OMV’s expertise.”

– Peter Zeilinger, OMV New Zealand