Programmed Total Marine Services – OMV/MODEC

FPSO MV Raroa is 252 metres long and 42 metres wide – a vessel of unprecedented scale in Port Nelson. A converted Aframax tanker, it required extensive works as part of an $80 million project. Kernohan was lead contractor and at the helm of resolving the significant infrastructure and resourcing challenges associated with the project. The scale of works demanded coordination of a large workforce from diverse local suppliers, specialist expertise to meet stringent standards and rigorous project management.

Location Port Nelson

Duration 8 weeks

Budget $2.2 million

  • Key tasks – upgrade to the wellhead platform and processing equipment, and installation of a new swivel to enable rotation on its mooring.
  • Full time manager and dedicated project management team formed to coordinate 150+ specialised workers on a 24/7 basis.
  • 8 dedicated health, safety and environment staff worked 24 hour shifts with comprehensive risk management measures tailored to OMV needs.
  • Shore based services organised including provedoring, merchandising, transport, catering and laundry.
  • Work areas established for engineering site work, stores and freight.
  • Hazardous substances managed; sludge and rubbish removed.

Successfully delivered ahead of schedule, within budget, with zero harm to personnel and no environmental impact.

“The spirit and professional attitude of the team was extraordinary and complemented OMV’s expertise”.

– Peter Zeilinger, OMV New Zealand


Kernohan commenced its working relationship with Holcim’s Westport cement manufacturing plant in 1977. When the number 2 tyre on Cement Kiln 2 failed Kernohan was appointed lead contractor. What started off as emergency repair developed in to a complex replacement job.

With anticipated closure in 2016 it was critical that a cost effective, fit for purpose solution be found for the remaining lifetime of the plant. The chosen option was a first – a new untried method using a laminated tyre.

Location Westport

Duration 12 days

Budget $1.2 million

  • Worked extensively with Holcim and suppliers to explore and source a fit for purpose replacement tyre option.
  • Given the complexity, scale and risk the project involved 6 months pre-planning.
  • Kernohan assumed the lead project management role coordinating all parties, suppliers and delivery of work.
  • 40 x tradesmen worked rotating 24/7 shifts to convert.

Successfully completed on time and under budget with zero accidents.

“Their integrity at work was highly valued and to be honest, they’ve set the standard for me in future roles.”

– Clark Nelson, Holcim

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