We know that safety doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes time, investment and discipline to create a safety focused culture.  We also know that there are very real risks in some industries where smart solutions need to be found.  With a range of products to hand the perfect answer may well be on the shelf.  If not we’ve got a healthy dose of common sense and engineering smarts to custom build the right solution for you.

Our safety product solutions include:

Guarding – custom built, fit for purpose guarding is designed to protect workers operating around machinery and moving parts. With flexibility of access for operation and maintenance, scalable solutions can be found to fit risk and budgets.  From protecting a specific machine to creating a safe walkway through the plant we can help.

Fall Protection – professionally assessed and with a range of quality solutions to hand these fall protection systems are designed to provide peace of mind for commercial building owners and people working at heights. From continuous rails to vertical ladders there are fit for purpose solutions to hand.

“Our point of contact is pro-active and a self-starter. I simply tell him what I want and it happens.”

– Mark Peek, Nelson Pine Industries

We’d love to share our enthusiasm for great engineering with you.