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Wine barrel racking should do two things. It should make the life of a vintner easier, and it should keep the wine safe from earthquakes. Our NZ- designed and made racking is the only option on the market that does both.

Your most precious asset is your wine. It’s easy to forget that, in the busy day to day life of a vineyard. But one decent earthquake and your hard work and investment are gone. We live on active islands, and unless your wine barrel racking is seismically sound, years of care and effort could be gone in seconds.

225L Double Wine Barrel Rack

Single Wine Barrel Rack With Rollers

  • Wine Barrel Racking for NZ Conditions

Kernohan wine barrel racks are the only NZ designed and made, seismically certified option on the market. Our racks have been designed with the NZ wine industry in mind. Our designs are strong and functional because there’s no point having the most practical racking if it doesn’t make your life easier too.

  • These racks are static or portable, so you have the option off both temporary and permanent storage.
  • They are simple and modular, easy to set up and dismantle.
  • They interlock for compact storage.
  • They are forklift friendly from the front.
  • These barrels are made the perfect size so there’s room between barrels to allow vintners to sample, top-up, or clean barrels without having to dismantle the entire stack. 
  • Made from mild steel that’s hot-dip galvanised so there’s no rust or degradation.
  • Available in four barrel sizes, or bespoke design. 
  • The Clever Seismic Stuff

The racks are designed to distribute the weight of the wine barrels directly onto the floor, not through the other barrels below it. Therefore making the racking more stable, Kernohan wine racking is the only certified seismic option in the market. Our modular racking is stackable, and the stacking height depends on the region you’re located in. Waiheke has a much lower risk than Nelson/ Marlborough, and your storage options need to reflect this.

Ask us about our seismic connecting brackets to safely increase your stacking height.

Stacked Wine Barrel Racking with Connecting Brackets

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“The Kernohan team has a clear commitment to ensuring they deliver a quality product.”

– Ian Hunter, Marisco Vineyards

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